Archives for January 2011

Funny Cat TV Commercial

This is a funny cat TV commercial for AmeriQuest that shows what happens when you judge too quickly something you initially see. A boyfriend is preparing a nice Valentine’s Day meal for his girlfriend. What a nice guy. But cats, by nature, are curious and the girlfriend’s cat gets into a bit of trouble, which makes for an interesting visual when the girlfriend arrives home…

Kittens Playing – One Tackles Another

This video features three foster kittens I recently had – Kink, Kanai, and Dedos. Kink got his name because of a kink in his tail that was just like his mother’s tail. So Kink liked to crawl under things like blankets and pillows. In this instance, he crawled under a Santa hat that was on the couch. Meanwhile, Kanai came up and started playing with the ball on the top of the Santa hat. Kink emerged from under the Santa hat. Kanai is still playing with the hat when out of nowhere the black and white kitten, Dedos, pounces on Kanai and does a backwards over the body tackle. It was quite unexpected. All three of these kittens found separate loving homes. Here’s the video…

Funny Cat Videos Compilation 2

Here’s another funny cat videos compilation video. In this one, my top 3 favorite clips are…

1) The cat climbing through the mailbox slot.

2) The cat jumping from the tree to the bird house.

3) The cat holding off the dog from eating its food.

Funny Cat Videos Compilation

This is a compilation of funny cat videos set to some fun children’s music. My favorite clips in this video are:

1) The cat running around the round fish tank then falling off the table.

2) The kittens trying to crawl up the carpet on the wall.

3) The cat travelling upside down under the chairs around the coffee table.

It’s definitely a fun cat video. Enjoy…

Goliath the Huge Cat

When the Oregon Humane Society got a call that a stray cat was stuck in a doggy door, they didn’t quite know what to expect. It seems this cat had been going into the garage, through the doggy door, and eating all the pet food in the garage every night. The “free for all buffet” caused the cat’s weight to skyrocket until it could no longer fit through the doggy door. The Oregon Human Society rescued the cat and named him Goliath. The Oregonian got a hold of the story and created this video about Goliath…