Best Christmas Gift for Cats

When it comes to Christmas, what most people don’t realize is that the funnest and best Christmas gift for a cat is already on some of the gifts…. BOWS. Of course the best Christmas gift for a cat owner is the most technologically advanced self cleaning litter box. But today we’re talking about the cats and how they love to play with bows. In the video below, this cat owner gave his cats a bunch of (leftover) bows for Christmas and it didn’t break the bank as the cats played away…

Cats Try to Figure Out Treadmill

In this funny cat video, two cats are introduced to a treadmill for the first time. They’re unsure of what it is, but they are sure it’s the biggest cat toy they have ever seen. So the owners turn the treadmill on and the cats think the purpose is to swat at the tread as it goes by. Neither is daring enough to actually jump on it and do exercise… just like most humans aren’t daring enough to jump on it and do exercise. 🙂

Cat Loves Bath Water

Most cats are scared to death of water unless they are drinking it. But here is a video of a cat that absolutely loves water. I wish I could train all of my cats to love water, especially Kahn who could use a bath. Cat wipes only do so much. But in this video that cat isn’t taking a bath, it is simply playing in a tub full of water and enjoying every minute of it. Hopefully you do too…

The Cats Wish You a Happy New Year

It’s just past midnight, which means it’s time for the cats to wish you a very Happy New Years! As we bring in 2011, we wish you and your feline friends all the prosperity, best wishes, and wet cat food in the world. A very happy New Year to you. Here’s our special message to you…

Cats Star in IKEA Commercial

This is professionally produced IKEA commercial that features cats – not people – as the main characters. For cat lovers, it’s an extremely effective commercial. Cats are part of the family, so to make a commercial aimed at them – versus aimed at adults or kids – works well. It’s a one minute commercial and cats were let loose to freely roam IKEA for the shoot. I hope they had litter boxes there!

The commercial is titled, “Happy Inside”