Kung Fu Cats and Laser Light

This video is titled “Kung Fu Kitties” and features kittens chasing a laser light up the wall. The video is edited to make kung-fu sound effects as if the kittens are doing kung fu moves when in reality they are just swiping at the wall and trying to get the laser light. Here is Kung Fu Kitties…


Cats Wish You a Merry Christmas

This is a very creatively edited cat Christmas of cats helping out with the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. It’s a cute video perfect for today, which is why we are sharing it. As the song plays, the cats “meow” part of the chorus and it turns out really good. Merry Catmus!


The Cat and the iPad

After playing with this iPad, that’s all the cat now wants for Christmas. After all, there are so many apps to keep the cat occupied. I must say that I think the owner is a brave guy allowing his cat to play with his iPad. I’d be afraid of getting permanent scratch marks all over the screen.

This cat could have a future as a pianist…


Kitten Plays With Shoestring

(Cute Kittens) In this video a kitten, that was found as a stray and is still a little scruffy as a result, plays with a shoestring. It looks like a simple shoestring can keep the kitten entertained for hours. Yet after a bit, this kitten grows tired and is soon zonked out for a nap in order to garnish the energy to continue attacking the shoestring…

Kittens Playing in Laundry Basket

(Funny Cat Videos) Here is some great footage of two kittens playing together (wrestling) in a laundry basket. At first only one kitten is in the laundry basket. Another kitten arrives and starts teasing the kitten from outside the laundry basket. Then in jumps the second kitten and the two have fun playing together…