Funny Cat Videos Compilation 2

Here’s another funny cat videos compilation video. In this one, my top 3 favorite clips are…

1) The cat climbing through the mailbox slot.

2) The cat jumping from the tree to the bird house.

3) The cat holding off the dog from eating its food.

Funny Cat Videos Compilation

This is a compilation of funny cat videos set to some fun children’s music. My favorite clips in this video are:

1) The cat running around the round fish tank then falling off the table.

2) The kittens trying to crawl up the carpet on the wall.

3) The cat travelling upside down under the chairs around the coffee table.

It’s definitely a fun cat video. Enjoy…

Cat Auditions for New King Movie

What you are about to see is a cat auditioning for a new King Kong movie. The cat wants to play the part of King Kong. The cat has the tower and the cat has an annoying air vehicle flying above him and the tower. Now all it has to do is bring that aircraft down and the part will be secure. Will the flying helicopter win this battle and take down Kong or will Cat Kong swat it out of the sky?…

Curious Cat Falls into Fish Tank

This is a funny cat video of a curious cat that was fascinated by water… particularly the water in the fish tank. The cat would climb up on the fish tank and stick it’s head in until it suddenly lost its balance and fell into the fish tank. It’s not an easy tank to get out of, either, for a panicking cat! Some people think that the laugh of the owner taking the video is as funny as the cat falling into the fish tank. You can be the judge of that. I’m just glad we get a slow motion replay…

Cat Falls Into Toilet

By nature, cats are very curious creatures. They like to explore new areas and just have fun. But sometimes a cat’s curiosity can land it in trouble or in an embarrassing situation. Take, for example, the following short video of a cat that is staring at the toilet water from the toilet seat when suddenly the cat falls into the toilet. And, of course, the owner was videotaping this embarrassing moment to blast all over YouTube… that is until Animal Planet got ahold of it and also played it on TV. Poor cat…