Cat Movie Trailer – Kahn Versus the World

Kahn is back with another movie trailer. A couple of weeks ago we featured his first one here titled “Ninja Kitty“. This movie trailer is titled “Kahn Versus the World” and is about a cat that seeks to be more than ordinary. This one wants to be extraordinary. The trailers aren’t leading up to real movies (yet), but they are entertaining to watch. Rumor is the next one coming from Kahn is a Psychic/Horror movie trailer.

For those that don’t know, Kahn is a rescue kitty that was one of many rescued from a Cat hoarder in Oregon. After this video was shot, Kahn suffered a setback that appears to be due to the¬†anesthesia and stress of his “being fixed” operation. One vet believes he may have had a “mild stroke” during the procedure. His demeanor changed and he suffers from twitching (head, body, tail). That won’t stop him from still trying to take over the world, though…

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