Funny Kitten Activates Darth Vader Bank

(Funny Kitten Videos) Here is another funny video of a kitten named Kahn (and here’s Kahn’s Website). I own a Star Wars Darth Vader Bank and the bank “comes to life” when you either insert money or press a “Star Wars” button in the bottom right corner of the bank. I had my Darth Vader bank on the floor and my kitten, Kahn, decided to investigate. So I grabbed my camera and when I got back, he was nearly sitting on the activation button, but hadn’t pressed it hard enough. Within a second or two of me starting to record, he puts enough weight on the Darth Vader bank to bring Darth Vader to life. He then has a funny reaction to it. ¬†Unfortunately, the volume in this video is a little low, so you may need to turn up the volume to hear Darth Vader’s music and what he says. Enjoy…


  1. Very funny video !
    Come N’ Fun

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