More Cat Chattering at Birds

The last video we posted was of a Bengal cat that was chattering at a bird outside a window. We have another video of another cat that is chattering at a bird outside the window that it can’t get to. It’s funny to watch how a cat reacts when it sees a bird and is stuck in the house. The prey instincts take over, but there’s nothing it can do… so it chatters! And the cat chattering makes for a great video even though the end result is that the cat still can’t get to the bird – until the door is left open and it runs out.

Cat Chattering at Birds

Bengal Cat Chattering at Bird Through the Window

Cats can be very funny with the noises they make when they see something interesting that they want but can’t get to. Take, for example, Maverick. Maverick is a Bengal cat that sees a bird outside the window. But the window is closed so he can’t get to it. So he starts this funny cat chattering, which is probably a simple chant that will somehow magically cause the “shield” between the two to drop so the cat can get to the bird… or not.

Bengal Cat Chattering

Horror Movie Trailer – Kitty the 13th

Hollywood Paws star Kahn the Cat is about to have a new movie released and this one is bound to scare the wet food right out of you! Kahn the Cat stars in a horror movie titled Kitty the 13th in which this psychic kitty uses his powers to get what he wants. We could sit here and try to describe it to you or just show it to you. Brace yourself for Kahn the Cat like you’ve never seen him before!

Kitty the 13th Horror Movie

Tissue Box Gets Stuck on Cat’s Head

We’ve featured some Kahn the Cat videos when he was a kitten, but this is the first of him as a cat. It would actually make a good commercial¬† for Fred Meyers Nice ‘n Soft tissue. In the video, the cat sticks his head in a tissue box then tries to get it off. Now this is Kahn – the cat trying to rule the world according to his Website. Hopefully his owners didn’t embarrass him too much with this video…

Tissue Box Stuck on Cat’s Head

Nyan Cat Song

Alright – I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t totally “get” this video. It’s basically an 8-bit animated cat doing the same movement through an entire song. Yet the video, in less than a month, has nearly 6 million views and over 127,000 Likes (and only 4,253 dislikes). I read some of the comments from the original video page which said stuff like:

“this is what my girlfriend sounds like when she talks”

“I loved the part when it said Nyan”


I must be missing something, so hopefully some of you more enlightened cat lovers can let me in on what makes this video so popular. In the meantime – enjoy! Can you make it through the entire video?

Nyan Cat Song