Cat Plays with Watermelon

Cats find the most interesting things to be cat toys. Take this video, for example. The cat is having a fun time playing with a watermelon. A watermelon! The cat tries to wrap itself around it, spin it, then when it gets bored it attacks the kitchen chair before running onto new adventures… just like a cat!

Here is the cat playing with a watermelon…

Best Christmas Gift for Cats

When it comes to Christmas, what most people don’t realize is that the funnest and best Christmas gift for a cat is already on some of the gifts…. BOWS. Of course the best Christmas gift for a cat owner is the most technologically advanced self cleaning litter box. But today we’re talking about the cats and how they love to play with bows. In the video below, this cat owner gave his cats a bunch of (leftover) bows for Christmas and it didn’t break the bank as the cats played away…

Review of Three Cat Gadgets

This video gives you a closer look at three of the newer cat gadgets in the marketplace. I’m not that enthralled with the host, who obviously isn’t a cat owner. I’ve linked to the gadgets directly below in case you want to learn more about them…

> SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap
> Fling a ma String
> Cat Airplane Entertainment Playhouse


Three Plush Cats Sing Christmas Tune

The creator of this video made it specifically for one person, but after posting it on YouTube the video has received more than 14,000 views. Seems the audience is much larger. The video features three plush toy cats that sing a Christmas song and it’s pretty cute as you can see for yourself. Merry Christmas and enjoy…


The Cat and the iPad

After playing with this iPad, that’s all the cat now wants for Christmas. After all, there are so many apps to keep the cat occupied. I must say that I think the owner is a brave guy allowing his cat to play with his iPad. I’d be afraid of getting permanent scratch marks all over the screen.

This cat could have a future as a pianist…