Best Christmas Gift for Cats

When it comes to Christmas, what most people don’t realize is that the funnest and best Christmas gift for a cat is already on some of the gifts…. BOWS. Of course the best Christmas gift for a cat owner is the most technologically advanced self cleaning litter box. But today we’re talking about the cats and how they love to play with bows. In the video below, this cat owner gave his cats a bunch of (leftover) bows for Christmas and it didn’t break the bank as the cats played away…

Simon’s Cat in Santa Claws (Episode #10)

(Simon’s Cat Videos) This is the most recent (December 2010) episode of Simon’s Cat (Episode #10), this one titled “Santa Claws”. Simon is pleased with the decorating job he’s done on the Christmas tree. But all the cat sees is one giant toy full of many hanging cat toys. The funny thing is that this video almost mimics my cats actions during Christmas after the tree is put up. BTW, this is one of those rare times we actually hear Simon talk in the series…

Cats Wish You a Merry Christmas

This is a very creatively edited cat Christmas of cats helping out with the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. It’s a cute video perfect for today, which is why we are sharing it. As the song plays, the cats “meow” part of the chorus and it turns out really good. Merry Catmus!


Christmas Cats Meow Silent Night

The three cute kittens in this video want to take a moment to send their Christmas wishes to you (and I do too – Merry Christmas) by singing… er… meowing “Silent Night”. It’s part of a Jingle Cats DVD to get cat owners into the holiday spirit. It’s cute and well done and hopefully gets you and your cat in the Christmas spirit this Christmas day. Merry Christmas!