Surprised Kitten Video (plus spoofs)

Alright. Although this video has been played to death on YouTube, we are breaking down and publishing it here for the first time. Called “Surprised Kitty” this is the most successful kitten video of all time on YouTube with 40 million views. Chances are that you’ve already seen it. The video has spawned countless spoofs. In fact, for the fun of it we’ll throw in a couple after this video. Enjoy…

Surprised Kitten

Surprised Kitten (Spoof #1)

Surprised Dog (Spoof #2)

Surprised Darth Vader (Spoof #3)

Surprised Toast (Spoof #4)

Cute Sand Cat Kittens (Wild Cats)

In October 2009, two Sand Cats were born at the Cincinnati Zoo. They took video of them that we have posted below. Now these two Sand Cat kittens look like the type one might have in their home. But these are wild cats and live mostly in desert areas (thus the name). They live solitarily in burrows except when mating. Some countries protect the Sand Cat like Iran, Israel, and Pakistan. The Sand Cats eat rodents, lizards, and birds, usually hunting at night.

It’s amazing that these cute kittens are really wild cats (and endangered at that). They are so darn cute. Look at the lines on the legs of the one kitten sitting up in the video. Amazing…

Bonus Video:

Cute Kitten Having Fun

(Cute Kitten Videos) This is another video of a cute kitten having a lot of fun playing. You can never tire from these types of videos! This cute kitten’s name is Sarchan and the kitten is having a lot of fun just running around finding things to do. BTW – here’s a tip. When your kitten has a surgery (i.e. spay) and gets stiches and the vet tries to give you a collar that the cat can get off in two seconds, try using a sweater instead like the one in this video (or a large cut sock). It works much better.

We now return you to Sarchan for some kitten fun…

Kitten Sees Self in Mirror and Acts Funny

(Funny Kitten Videos) This cute little kitten is walking along when it suddenly sees itself in the mirror. Not sure how to react, the kitten backs up. But then it sees the kitten in the mirror backing up, so it lunges forward. And at the exact same time, the kitten in the mirror lunges forward too. This looks like a battle that can go on for awhile except for one unforeseen thing…

Kitten Playful and Tired

Meet Tilly. Tilly was found abandoned and a neighbor took her in to find the cute little kitten to be very playful. This video shows Tilly while she is playing then shows her cuddled up to a stuffed animal a few minutes later for a cat nap. After all, kittens need that nap so that they can continue tearing around the house finding new trouble to get into. Here’s the cute Tilly…