Horror Movie Trailer – Kitty the 13th

Hollywood Paws star Kahn the Cat is about to have a new movie released and this one is bound to scare the wet food right out of you! Kahn the Cat stars in a horror movie titled Kitty the 13th in which this psychic kitty uses his powers to get what he wants. We could sit here and try to describe it to you or just show it to you. Brace yourself for Kahn the Cat like you’ve never seen him before!

Kitty the 13th Horror Movie

Tissue Box Gets Stuck on Cat’s Head

We’ve featured some Kahn the Cat videos when he was a kitten, but this is the first of him as a cat. It would actually make a good commercial¬† for Fred Meyers Nice ‘n Soft tissue. In the video, the cat sticks his head in a tissue box then tries to get it off. Now this is Kahn – the cat trying to rule the world according to his Website. Hopefully his owners didn’t embarrass him too much with this video…

Tissue Box Stuck on Cat’s Head

Kitty the 13th

You’ve heard of Friday the 13th, right? Well now comes Kitty the 13th where a psychic and crazy kitty (played by Kahn the Cat) wreaks havoc upon the world (OK, exaggerated – upon the household). Kahn does some pretty strange things like closes just one eye and wags his tail constantly while sleeping. All this plays into this movie trailer, one of several Kahn has done…


Cat Movie Trailer – Kahn Versus the World

Kahn is back with another movie trailer. A couple of weeks ago we featured his first one here titled “Ninja Kitty“. This movie trailer is titled “Kahn Versus the World” and is about a cat that seeks to be more than ordinary. This one wants to be extraordinary. The trailers aren’t leading up to real movies (yet), but they are entertaining to watch. Rumor is the next one coming from Kahn is a Psychic/Horror movie trailer.

For those that don’t know, Kahn is a rescue kitty that was one of many rescued from a Cat hoarder in Oregon. After this video was shot, Kahn suffered a setback that appears to be due to the¬†anesthesia and stress of his “being fixed” operation. One vet believes he may have had a “mild stroke” during the procedure. His demeanor changed and he suffers from twitching (head, body, tail). That won’t stop him from still trying to take over the world, though…

Ninja Kitty Video – Kitten Ninja Training

(Funny Kitten Videos) This is a “movie trailer” starring Kahn the Cat as a Ninja Kitty in training. You may have seen some of our past Kahn videos on the site. This video is presented like a movie trailer and shares clips from the upcoming Ninja Kitty video coming on November 23, 2010. You can follow Kahn at his own cat Website – http://www.kahnthecat.com.

In the meantime, enjoy this Ninja Kitty video trailer…