Iguana Scares Kitten

This is a funny video of a kitten that is very curious about two Iguanas. One of the Iguanas shows no interest in the kitten, which makes the little fella even more interested. Unfortunately the kitten completely forgets about the second Iguana and “flips out” when that Iguana is suddenly in its face.


Surprised Kitten Video (plus spoofs)

Alright. Although this video has been played to death on YouTube, we are breaking down and publishing it here for the first time. Called “Surprised Kitty” this is the most successful kitten video of all time on YouTube with 40 million views. Chances are that you’ve already seen it. The video has spawned countless spoofs. In fact, for the fun of it we’ll throw in a couple after this video. Enjoy…

Surprised Kitten

Surprised Kitten (Spoof #1)

Surprised Dog (Spoof #2)

Surprised Darth Vader (Spoof #3)

Surprised Toast (Spoof #4)

Kittens Play on Upside Down Swimming Pool

This is a kitten video you don’t see every day – two kittens playing on an upturned (upside down) swimming pool. The kittens names are Minxy and Poppy. They have some fun slipping and sliding as they work to playfully attack each other. If I let my kittens do this, I’d be afraid that next time I used the pool there would be a few leaks. But, hey, they’re having fun!

Two Kittens Playing in Washing Basket

In this video two kittens are playing in a washing basket like it’s a cage fight. While this is fun to watch, apparently the video camera missed something else happening if you listen to the audio (near the beginning)… something about another cat and beads. The good news is that the person holding the camera didn’t cut away and we get to see the entire lightweight kitten of the world championship ring fight. Ding…

Kitten Playful and Tired

Meet Tilly. Tilly was found abandoned and a neighbor took her in to find the cute little kitten to be very playful. This video shows Tilly while she is playing then shows her cuddled up to a stuffed animal a few minutes later for a cat nap. After all, kittens need that nap so that they can continue tearing around the house finding new trouble to get into. Here’s the cute Tilly…