Animated Cat Video – Simon’s Cat (Shelf Life)

(Simon’s Cat Videos) This is another funny Simon’s cat video where the cat decides to jump up on a fireplace mantle.The name of the video is “Shelf Life”. And as all of us cat lovers know, there’s lots of breakable things on fireplace mantles that cats are curious about. How many things has your cat broken? In addition to owning cats, I also do foster cat care for a local shelter. One thing I’ve learned is to stop putting expensive breakable things on my bookshelves, fireplace mantle, and entertainment center. To cats, those are just toys!

Simon’s Cast – Shelf Life

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Simon’s Cat in Santa Claws (Episode #10)

(Simon’s Cat Videos) This is the most recent (December 2010) episode of Simon’s Cat (Episode #10), this one titled “Santa Claws”. Simon is pleased with the decorating job he’s done on the Christmas tree. But all the cat sees is one giant toy full of many hanging cat toys. The funny thing is that this video almost mimics my cats actions during Christmas after the tree is put up. BTW, this is one of those rare times we actually hear Simon talk in the series…

Simon’s Cat in Lunch Break (Episode #9)

(Simon’s Cat) Cats a natorious for getting into trouble either out of curiosity or boredom. And they’re dangerous too in that they can jump. When Simon’s cat tries to jump up on the dinner table in this episode (titled Lunch Break), it’s a good thing the cat has something to hold onto to keep from falling. After all, we wouldn’t want the cat to get hurt!


Simon’s Cat in Cat Chat (Episode #8)

(Simon’s Cat) In this episode of Simon’s Cat (named “Cat Chat”) the cat finds itself stuck with a hedgehog who is quite the chatterbox. So Simon’s cat has to figure out ways to entertain itself while enduring the long-winded one-sided conversation. Will Simon cat (and the viewers) be bored to death or will the cat prevail? Here’s the answer…

Simon’s Cat in The Box (Episode #7)

(Simon’s Cat) Simon is packing some items and brings an empty box into the room to fill up. That, of course, is the cat’s cue to have some fun. After all cats and empty boxes were made for each other. This is episode #7 of the popular Simon’s Cat animated series. And there’s no doubt that the artist has gained inspiration for these videos from his own cat. Here is Simon’s Cat in “The Box”…