Rap Cat Music Video

This is just one plain weird music video titled “Rap Cat Music Video” and the lyrics go something like this:

“meow meow,
meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow”

This is one cat that has Bling and isn’t afraid to show it. Here now is Rap Cat…

Cat Does Not Like Vets Office

This video shows one cat that is not happy to be at the vets hospital. I have a cat named Kahn just like this. Kahn absolutely hates the vet office and for routine procedures that have to give him a sedative because he does not want to cooperate. He’s gained a reputation and prior to any appointments for him, the Vet’s office makes sure they have one of their best “cat wranglers” on hand. Some cats just don’t like the doctor’s office and the one in this video fits that label…


Cat Loves Charging Open Ended Boxes

Meet Maru. Maru is one funny and weird cat. While most cats like chasing fake mice, sleeping, looking at birds out the window, clawing up furniture, etc. Maru gets its kicks by trying to wear boxes. That’s right. Not jump in boxes, but rather wear them. So whenever an open-ended box is placed on the floor, Maru charges it in hopes that the new outfit will fit. The only problem is that once you get it on, how do you get it off? Here is one strange cat… take it away, Maru…


Cat Can’t Get Head into Water Bottle

All this cat wants to be able to do is get his head into a water bottle. He’s been trying to do it for weeks and is now closer now than he was on day one. His owner is even a sport and holds the water bottle still for the cat, but it still can’t get its head into it and can’t wrap his head around as to why. Expect another video in two years of the cat still trying to get its head in the same water bottle. Now if he ever succeeds, then expect to see the video on CNN…