The Cat and the iPad

After playing with this iPad, that’s all the cat now wants for Christmas. After all, there are so many apps to keep the cat occupied. I must say that I think the owner is a brave guy allowing his cat to play with his iPad. I’d be afraid of getting permanent scratch marks all over the screen.

This cat could have a future as a pianist…


Cat Rolls Over on Command (Video)

(Talented Cat Videos) A little while ago we featured a cat named “Cooper” that could wipe its face on command. Well Cooper is back. This talented cat can now roll over on command. Cooper is a beautiful cat that has quite a few talents (we’ll be sharing more videos of Cooper in the future). Cooper is definitely more talented than most dogs I know. Roll over, Cooper…


Time to Exercise – Cats on a Treadmill

(Talented Cats) There seems to be a rumor going around (probably spread by some hounds) that cats are lazy. The rumor is that they:

1) Sleep a lot.

2) Like to hang out at the windowsill.

3) Look for wet cat food all day.

4) Fall for mindless entertainment like playing with a dangling string.

Well, the video below will finally put those rumors to rest. The truth is that cats love to exercise. This includes climbing cat trees, jumping up onto the kitching table, leaping over cat gates, and working out on a treadmill. Yes, you heard correct. Here is Cats on a Treadmill…


Cat Begs for Food

(Talented Cat Videos) This is one talented cat. Not only does the cat beg on command, but when its owner says “wipe your face,” the cat wipes its face with its paws. The cat’s name is Cooper and he is a Persian kitten. And he gets lots of treats for executing the commands so well. So here is Cooper begging for food and wiping his face with his paws…

Cat Opens Toilet Lid to Drink From Toilet

(Funny Cat Videos) Here is a cat that is determined. The cat’s owner started closing the toilet lid in order to keep the cat from drinking out of the toilet. But that didn’t stop the cat who acquired a new talent for opening toilet lids. The cat still enjoys that fresh toilet water…