More Cat Chattering at Birds

The last video we posted was of a Bengal cat that was chattering at a bird outside a window. We have another video of another cat that is chattering at a bird outside the window that it can’t get to. It’s funny to watch how a cat reacts when it sees a bird and is stuck in the house. The prey instincts take over, but there’s nothing it can do… so it chatters! And the cat chattering makes for a great video even though the end result is that the cat still can’t get to the bird – until the door is left open and it runs out.

Cat Chattering at Birds

Bengal Cat Chattering at Bird Through the Window

Cats can be very funny with the noises they make when they see something interesting that they want but can’t get to. Take, for example, Maverick. Maverick is a Bengal cat that sees a bird outside the window. But the window is closed so he can’t get to it. So he starts this funny cat chattering, which is probably a simple chant that will somehow magically cause the “shield” between the two to drop so the cat can get to the bird… or not.

Bengal Cat Chattering

Cat Makes Funny Noises While Eating Sour Cream

This is a funny video of a cat that makes funny noises while it eats sour cream. I was a foster parent to a cat that made a noise like this – pretty funny. At least this cat’s owner got it on video and more than a million people have had the chance to enjoy it. So here is the cat that makes funny noises while eating sour cream…

Nervous Cat Talks Funny

When another cat gets a little to close to the cat in this video, the cat starts “talking” funny out of nervousness. My cat does this every time she finishes going #2. But I don’t want to film that. Anyways, the chatter here is kind of funny. Here is Nervous Cat Talks Funny…

Talking Cat Wants to be Left Alone

(Talking Cat Videos) This poor cat is just resting peacefully on a kitchen chair when the owner comes in with a video camera and starts talking to the cat in a high pitch baby tone. The cat is obviously annoyed and wants the owner to go away, so it starts talking to its owner saying “leave me alone” and “you better not put this on YouTube”. The voice acting / lip syncing is actually quite impressive. Here is the talking cat that wants to be left alone…