New Cat Store (and Redesign)

(Funny Cat Videos Blog information) Over the last two days, the Funny Cat Videos Blog has undergone a major redesign. In order to making video access easier, we’ve also added a brand new Cat Store that features cat toys, cat books, cat gadgets, etc. The Cat Store is done in association with so when you add things to your cart and proceed to the checkout, you are taken to and they ship your order. What makes our cat store unique with the Amazon association is that it just focuses on cat products and nothing else. That’s right – no dogs allowed!

Feel free to use the Cat Store and we hope you enjoy the new design and updates. We now update the blog three times a day. You can follow us on Twitter for updates or add your email address to the “subscribe” box on the right to get updates via email when we add new videos. You can also now subscribe to videos we make at YouTube.

Welcome to the Funny Cat Videos Blog!

(Funny Cat Videos) We’re proud to announce the official launch of the Funny Cat Videos Blog, an entertaining venue where humans are the watchers and cats are the entertainment. In the days, weeks, months, and years to come we will feature some of the best cat videos online. We will also feature other things that deal with cats, like animated cat series (i.e. Simon’s Cat). We welcome you as we embark on this journey and are reminded how funny (and fun) cats are.