Cat Nurses Baby Squirrels – Video

This is video of an incredibly talented cat that took it upon herself to nurse several baby squirrels that fell out of their nest during a storm. In the wild cats usually chase squirrels and sometimes kill or eat them. But in this case, these squirrels are under the protection of “mama cat” and as such they are part of the family. Enjoy this cute video…

Video of Cat Nursing Baby Squirrels

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Blind Cat Can Remove Lids

The cat in this video is blind. Yet that doesn’t stop her from being talented. Bonie (the cat’s name) can remove lids from products. It’s a talent that most cats that can see can’t accomplish. Blind cats have amazing abilities to adapt to their situations and surroundings. They also have enhanced senses. For those willing, they make great and lovable pets. Here now is the blind cat that can remove lids…

Cat Flushing Toilet Music Video

(Talented Cats) This is a great video. What makes it great is that the video footage is accompanied by an original song… a funny one at that. This is a music video of talented cats that know how to flush a toilet. And what better lyrics for the song than “he’s a cat, flushing a toilet” repeated over and over to fun music. It is quite the entertaining video that makes watching cats flush toilets even more fun…

Cat Loves Boxes of All Sizes

This is one funny and somewhat talented cat. The back story is that the cat loves boxes and loves to crawl in them and sit in them. So the owner decided to do an experiment to see just how small of a box that cat would still try to crawl into. The result is quite impressive as you see the cat start with a small box then go to one even smaller. Here’s the video…


Cat Stands on Two Legs Like Human

(Talented Cat Videos) This cat thinks it is a human and has taught itself to stand up on two legs and stay that way – just like its master. The owner probably thinks it’s “cute” (YouTubers sure do), but in reality the cat has probably learned that doing cute things like this earns him more wet cat food. OR the owner put some cat food up on the outside of the window sill and the cat is trying to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t move until he finds a way to it. By the way, I really liked the song in this video so I spent about an hour trying to find out what it was… and succeeded. It’s called “Cats on Mars” and is on the album Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless